Let’s take a look again at Jordan Zion 1

Let’s take a look again at Jordan Zion 1

Jordan Zion 1 has been released for more than one month. Recently, the manuscripts and configuration of Jordan Zion 1 has been publicly disclosed. As the first pair of basketball shoes of the most potential basketball players of AJ brand, what about its configuration?

Jordan Zion 1 uses Air Sole Stobel with Zoom Air and anti-torqued plate combination. The Air Sole Strobel cushion is similar to insole fabric. It’s also used on PG4 and PG5. It’s soft, but the cushion performance is not good enough.

There is a piece of Zoom Air cushion on the forefoot sole, but this piece of Zoom Air cushion is small. With the TPU plate on the midsole, this configuration is the same as Kyrie 1. It maybe enough for the defenders like Kyrie. But Zion is a power type frontline, even if it adds a layer of Air Sold Strobel cushion, but I still think that the cushion performance is not good enough for Zion.

On the manuscripts, the forefoot Zoom air cushion should be oval type. But it’s changed to small rectangle type Zoom air cushion. It may consider the cost, so NIKE changes the Zoom type. I’m disappointed at it.

The vamp is made of mesh fabric, hot-melting and articulated type shoe tongue. The forefoot vamp has a fixing lace up. The padding of vamp is not thick.

The outsole uses conventional herringbone pattern. As you know, the traction performance of herringbone pattern is good.


In the begining, the designer has confirmed to use Z as the core designing concepts. The reinforced design on the shoe head is asymmetric design. The design of shoe tongue is interesting. I think that it may refer to the air pocket design of LBJ18.

The insole is separated forefoot sole and rear sole. The position of forefoot sole has pattern and it has flyman logo. The position of midsole should have a exposed TPU plate design, but it hasn’t been showed on the manuscript.

We can see the configuration of Jordan Zion 1 clearly from the deconstructed picture of insole. The insole uses full-length Air Sole Strobel, and the forefoot sole has a piece of small Zoom air cushion, and there is a layer of insole material under the Zoom air cushion. It looks not thick. The outer layer is the rubber of outsole.

But the manuscript is different. The forefoot Zoom air cushion type has been changed.

The designer of Jordan Zion 1 is Vianney De Montgolfier who comes from France. He used to design the football shoes such as Tiempo Legend 6. He also uses similar design on Zion 1, such as the fitting system of forefoot and the design of shoe tongue etc.

Overall, there are not many lightspots on the manuscripts. The design of Jordan Zion 1 is not bad, but the configuration is not good enough. It’s on the middle level. The location of Zion 1 is higher than PG series. So the price will be higher than PG series.

Best Look at Jordan Zion 1

Zion Williamson has his first pair of signature shoes after signing with Air Jordan not more than 2 years. Many guys should have purchased the Jordan Zion 1. Which position is suitable for it? We want to share the performance review of Jordan Zion 1 with you today.

The colorway that we share today is the white and black one. The designing inspiration uses Z as the kernel to work in concert with Zion’s name and combining with his favorite super hero’s armour.

The vamp is divided into two parts by ‘Z’. There is a big area of hot-melting material to cover the rear side of shoes.

The shoe head has hiding locking lace up under the mesh fabric. It can improve the fitness and locking performance.

The shoe head and shoe tongue is decorated with gold Jumpman logo and Zion logo.

The inner sleeve is printed with ZION. And the shoe heel also has gold ZION logo.

The outsole is conventional herringbone pattern which has good traction performance. It uses big area of semi-transparent rubber on the outsole. It’s more suitable to play on the indoor court.

The first feeling after wearing Jordan Zion 1 is the light weight. It’s a big surprise. The insole uses full-length Air Sole and forefoot Zoom Air cushion configuration. The feedback is good. The insole has built-in stabilizing plate. The stabilizity and anti-torsion performance can be guaranteed.

Which position is Jordan Zion 1 suitable to?

The shoe design is normal, it’s suitable for the players of every position. The GEN Zion is the first released colorway. It also has ZNA,Noah and Marion colorways. The feedback of forefoot sole is good. But the cushion performance is not good enough for the Zion who is the powerful player.
The size of Jordan Zion 1 is standard. You can choose the normal size.

Closed Look at NIKE PG 5

Only if mentioning PG5, people would like to compare it with Nike PG 4. But we needs to know that the bad feedback of PG4 is due to several parts. Firstly, NIKE hasn’t paid much attention on the design and appearance. Secondly, the status of Paul George was not good. Thirdly, the overall performance of PG4 is not good, it’s below average. So the price of PG4 descends a lot.

What’s the level of Nike PG 5? The answer is qualified. It doesn’t have obvious disadvantages. The overall performance is on average level. But except the light weight, it doesn’t have any other obvious superiority.

Nike PG 5 is comfortable. The padding of shoe upper is thick. The sole is soft. But comparing with ZOOM air cushion, the resilience of PG5 is not good enough.

The feedback of full-length Air sole cushion insole is good, but after a period, the feedback will descend. The Air Sole cushion performance will be weaken.

Certainly the PG5 is comfortable. And it’s light. The unit weight is only about 350g.

The fitness of Nike PG 5 is still just qualified. For example, if the fitness of PG1, PG2 & PG3 can get 80 scores, the fitness of PG5 can only get 68 scores.

For the supporting performance, comparing with PG4, the lateral support of PG5 is improved. The supporting performance of vamp is also qualified.

The lateral support of PG5 is reinforced. The outsole is also added with anti-rollover design. The center of gravity of insole is not low. The anti-rollover performance of PG5 is qualified.

The outsole of Nike PG 5 is the same as Zoom Kobe 9. The traction performance is good. It doesn’t have obvious skid on kinds of court.

Overall, PG5 is a pair of qualified light basketball shoes for the defenders. The performance of PG5 is better than PG4. And it has several colorways for choice. The present price is not high. If you are interested in it, you can have a try on physical store.

First Look At The Air Jordan 36

Although Michael Jordan’s signature sneaker line has become synonymous with street style, its focus continues to be performance basketball. The last handful of models had received a noticeable amount of mixed reviews, but the Air Jordan 34 was widely-lauded for its fit and responsiveness. Its direct successor has panned out to be more of an evolution than revolution, but the forthcoming Air Jordan 36 may take on the latter approach, as a first-look by Isatou “Satou” Sabally suggests it’s picked up a few design updates.

Seemingly on the set of marketing campaign for the shoe, the German-American professional hooper shared a brief look at a new shoe from her Brand Jordan family. Clad in a wine-like shade of burgundy, the (potential) latest Air Jordan is reminiscent of the current Air Jordan 35 in shape and silhouette. Screengrabs of Sabally’s Twitter video don’t deliver a high-definition look at the shoe’s materials, but it displays the shoe to have shared cues with previous Air Jordan sneakers worn by Russell Westbrook. The model’s most distinct features arrive via the sole unit, which boasts a decoupled white midsole accented by a wavy, 1990s-appropriate magenta stripe. This area also reveals the latest iteration of the Eclipse Plate (likely the 3.0). Traction patterns aren’t depicted in the potential first look, but the Air Jordan 5-inspired model’s possible launch colorway indulges in a vibrant orange tone across the outsole.

Keep it locked here for more release details on what might very well be the Air Jordan 36, and anticipate a Cheapjordansretro.com launch around the same time the 2021-2022 NBA begins.

Union x Air Jordan 4 “Desert Moss”-Second Colourway

Twitter gave us the first pictures of the Union Air Jordan 4 Desert Moss. Allegedly, the post should come from an employee from Nike logistics. We have compiled all the information for you.

Union LA and Nike have made us happy with their collaboration several times in the past. We remember the last 4 series Jordan release and the Jordan 1 from 2018. Union is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, so the renewed collaboration hardly surprises us.

However, we are amazed that the choice fell on a 4-series Jordan again. The 6er Jordan is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Opinions are currently very divergent about the colourway. Let’s take a closer look: bright purple, strong blue and, as it looks in the picture, mustard yellow. This is definitely the most eye-catching colourway so far, but we are not averse. Somehow the combo seems as if we have just discovered the wicked shoe in the vintage shop in the last corner and paid ridiculously little for it. In short: old-school. As usual, there is an extra pair of laces and the tongue is folded back in, as with the last release. For all the banaus * inside who find the poop, there will definitely be the opportunity to open their tongues again.

Since the pictures are a leak, we cannot currently give you a release date for the Union Air Jordan 4 Desert Moss. Since Union is celebrating its birthday this year – as already mentioned – we definitely expect the release in 2021.

Union x Air Jordan 4 “30th Anniversary”
Color: Desert Moss/Turquoise Blue-Dark Iris
Style Code: DJ5718-300
Release Date: Summer 2021
Price: $225

Union x Air Jordan 4 “30th Anniversary”
Color: Taupe Haze/Blue Fury-Khaki-Roma Green
Style Code: DJ5718-242
Release Date: Summer 2021
Price: $225

Closed Look at NIKE Vaporfly NEXT% 2

Nike brand-new running shoes Vaporfly Next% 2 have been released in global. The vamp of Vaporfly Next% 2 uses engineering mesh fabric to replace the Vaporweave material of last generation. The insole of Vaporfly Next% 2 still uses full-length ZoomX foam and full-length carbon plate which offers excellent driving power. The present price has good cost performance. Many people should have purchased it. What’s its actual running performance? Let’s talk about its performance today.

The running performance of Vaporfly next%2

The shoelaces of Vaporfly Next% 2 is the same as Alphafly. It’s present best shoelaces of racing shoes. There is a layer of pad pasting to cover and protect the toes. The shoe collar is also added a round of suedette material which improve the comfort level. The soft resilience of Vaporfly Next% 2 is not better than Endorphin Speed. It may need time to breaking-in. But I don’t want to wear my Endorphin Speed now after trying Vaporfly Next% 2. The carbon plate is also comfortable. It can offer the driving power when running.

Deconstructed Vaporfly next%2

The Nike Zoom vaporfly NEXT% 2 running shoes is light. It can help you to improve the running speed. The insole adds cushioning configuration which reduces the weight of shoes and offer excellent energy feedback and comfortable experience. The vamp is thin and has good air permeability to keep the foot cool. The shoe head has TPU coating to improve the abrasive resistance and protection. The shoe tongue and shoe collar are added with padding to improve the comfort level and reduce the pressure of shoe tongue to the foot. The special insole ZoomX foam and full-length carbon plate can improve the running speed. The resilience is more excellent.

What kind of people is suitable to wear Nike Vaporfly NEXT% 2?

I think that NIKE Vaporfly NEXT% 2 is a pair of top-level racing shoes.It’s not suitable for normal people to jogging. As for light weight, the supporting performance and protection of Nike Vaporfly NEXT% 2 is not good. But the cushion performance is suitable to all kinds of people. So we suggest you to choose the running shoes by your own request.

Closed Look at Nike KD 14 EP Cyber

NIKE KD 14 has been released. There are many details such as the return of Velcro, insole configuration(Cushlon foam with ZOOM STROBEL air cushion) which catch many people’s attention.

Nike KD 14 “Cyber”
Style Code: CZ0170-101
Release Date: April 11, 2021
Price: $150

Splitting the left shoe of Nike KD14 from middle part

Nike KD14 A-A section

Separating the vamp and insole of KD14 right shoe

The inspiration of Velcro comes from the sickle shape of Death. It improves the fitness.

The vamp has three layers. The first layer is jacquard weave, the second layer vamp has lots of ventilated holes to improve the air permeability.

The third layer is soft.

The surface of shoe-pad uses fabric material. It’s anti-skid and comfortable.

The ZOOM STROBEL cushion has groove design which is convenient for adapting to the moving direction of foot.

The length of EUR42.5 ZOOM STROBEL air cushion is about 276mm.

The width of of EUR42.5 forefoot ZOOM STROBEL air cushion is about 86.82mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 forefoot ZOOM STROBEL air cushion is about 7.21mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 ZOOM STROBEL air cushion of rear sole is about 7.75mm.

The insole uses CUSHLON cushioning foam which is light and has good resilience.

The outboard TPU plate and arch TPU stabilizing plate improve the stability of insole.

The length of EUR42.5 TPU plate is about 126.70mm.

The width of EUR42.5 middle TPU plate is about 27.82mm.

The width of EUR42.5 TPU plate is about 4.19mm.

The length of EUR42.5 arch TPU stabilizing plate is about 81.74mm.

The width of EUR42.5 arch TPU stabilizing plate is about 49.23mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 arch TPU stabilizing plate is about 4.08mm.

Deconstructed Report
Vamp: The grenadine vamp has good air permeability and durability. The big Velcro design improves the fitness.
Insole: KD14 uses CUSHLON cushioning foam and adjusted ZOOM STROBEL air cushion. It’s stable and comfortable. The feedback of ZOOM STROBEL air cushion is obvious. The side TPU plate and arch TPU stabilizing plate is useful.
Overall: Comparing with KD13, KD14 has improved the strength of vamp and fitness. The disadvantages of KD13 is the soft vamp and bad supporting performance. It reduces the independent forefoot ZOOM Air cushion. The insole uses Cushlon cushioning foam. The side TPU plate and arch TPU stabilizing plate are reinforced. It doesn’t use the independent forefoot fanshaped air cushion, so it reduces the risk of cracked sole.
Each generation of new models will make changes. But maybe not each change is suitable to each one, but every improvement is worthy of recognition.

Closed Look at the NIKE ZOOM G.T. CUT

Recently, NIKE released the brand-new ZOOM G.T. CUT, which uses full-length ZOOM air cushion and U shape Zoom air cushion with React shoe-pad configuration. Many guys are interested in it. Today we will share the performance review of NIKE ZOOM G.T. CUT with you.

Fitness: The fitness is excellent. It can fix the foot well after fastening the shoelaces.

Cushion Performance: It uses uses full-length ZOOM air cushion and U shape Zoom air cushion with React shoe-pad configuration. The forefoot sole is soft. The resilience is good when shooting at the basket.

Supporting Performance: The strength of vamp is good. With both sides of outboard TPU reinforcement, the supporting performance is good. The center of gravity is not high. The forefoot sole is wide, so the anti-rollover performance is good.

Air Permeability: We can see the ventilated holes on shoe head and shoe tongue, and the vamp is made of mesh fabric, moreover, it doesn’t have inner sleeve. The air permeability should be good.

Traction Performance: The outsole pattern is herringbone and water ripple. The traction performance is good without absorbing the dust. But after the outsole absorbing the dust, the traction performance would be reduced. I need to test the traction performance on wood floor.

Abrasive Resistance: We have found the rough selvedge after playing about 2 hours basketball. The abrasive resistance of ZOOM G.T. CUT is similar to ZOOM Kobe series shoes. We suggest you not to wear ZOOM G.T. CUT to play on outside court, it’s suitable to play on wood floor.

Size: The size is standard.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 ZOOM G.T. CUT is 415g.

Overall: The configuration of brand-new ZOOM G.T. CUT is good, but the actual performance is not good. The inboard supporting performance is the disadvantage. And the traction performance is not good especially after absorbing the dust.

Best Look At The Air Jordan 11 Low Bright Citrus AH7860-139

The Cheap Jordan 11 Low Bright Citrus is set to officially release on May the 13th and it is exclusively intended for the ladies but available in extended sizes. There is nothing very special about this colorway beside the fact that it was made to complement the Legend Blue Jordan 11 low. The shoe features a a white base, dressed in combination of synthetic and patent leather materials. Other shades of white can be spotted on the midsole and laces. Orange highlights will hit the the brandings and the outsole as well. These are basically the most striking elements of this shoe. I didn’t get an opportunity to write a projection post on it but I believe based on my previous articles that the number of pairs produced will sit within the 100,000 to 200,000 interval ( most retailers will be given an inventory).

New Jordan 11 Low Bright Citrus Resale Value

You can clearly what sizes to aim for, the chart provides you with the average return per size sold. Now if you sell this on Cheapjordansretro, you’ll end up making more money even though the shoe might not sell as quick as you want it to sell. I’ll encourage you to sell it on Kixify or eBay if you’re looking to capitalize more on it. The margins above will increase by $15 each if you were to sell the shoe on those platforms. The interesting thing about the jordan 11 low bright citrus is that it is trending up.

Where To Buy The Air Jordan 11 Low Bright Citrus

You can also buy it now on eBay from our featured sellers via authenticity guaranteed ,Click Here-Jordan 11 Low Bright Citrus

Closed Look at Jordan Why Not Zer0.4

The Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 is Russell Westbrook’s 4th signature shoe with a completely new design team inside Jordan Brand. Does the shoe live up to expectations? That’s what we’re here to find out. Keep reading for all the details.


My current pair has modified translucent herringbone traction. The traction does the job well whether you play like Russ or not. The shoe does pick up dust easily but a quick wipe and you’ll be good. The traction does fair better than the Jordan Why Not Zer0.3, possibly due to its modified traction that acts like tire siping to grip the court. For those considering playing outdoors, this traction pattern works wonders. While the rubber compound is likely to fray quicker on hard outdoor courts, it definitely does the trick without any concerns.


The double-stacked forefoot Zoom Air helps with responsiveness. Included alongside the cushion is an injected Phylon midsole that provides ample feedback. Although the midsole did start off a little stiff it loosens up. The cushion, while not as bouncy as its predecessor, is sufficient and gets the job done.


The upper is comprised of different textiles, synthetics, and stitched skins that are lightweight and breathable, which isn’t bad for visual appeal. The interior collar is well padded, as is the tongue. The shoe includes a nicely patterned traction outsole along with an injected Phylon midsole and a double-stacked forefoot Zoom Air unit.


This is a shoe where I definitely suggest going true to size. Yes, even for wide footers like myself. The shoe definitely starts off stiff, especially along with the materials around the collar. I tried lacing a little looser, however I didn’t feel as comfortable or as secure.


The support comes directly from the fit of the shoe. As I stated, once the shoe is laced up all the way, you’re ready to go. Again, the little gripe is how stiff the shoe felt along the upper collar area. The ankle collar should be a little free-flowing but not to the point where the upper doesn’t naturally move along. However, it does slightly loosen and clear up the more you play in the shoe. This goes the same for the midsole as the shoe does initially feel rough especially along the heel area. But the double-stacked forefoot Zoom alleviates that (as long as you land/push off with your forefoot and don’t land on the heel). Definitely an awkward fixture, but once the shoe “finally” breaks in, the shoe does well.


Jordan Brand definitely went in a different direction on how they wanted the Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 to evolve, particularly the upper. This is not to say the brand should stop evolving, it’s just minor modifications are needed to make the shoe more enjoyable from the start.

The shoe felt light on foot, provided better foot containment, and, most importantly, performed well on the court and on the blacktop. The majority of the review had to be done outdoors due to the pandemic. I’ve not had many complaints except for the ample break-in time needed to get to the point where the shoe was enjoyable and manageable to play in. There’s definitely something to build on from this shoe, so here’s to hoping the next iteration makes you jump out the gym, cause…why not?